At Magnolia Behavioral Healthcare we believe fostering relationships with our patients can be as good as medicine. We provide individual and group therapy, family involvement, and comprehensive medical treatment. Our programs offer quality psychiatric care which treats the whole person for a return to a more meaningful life. Once a
patient is admitted, a psychiatric and psychosocial assessment is completed. Individualized goals are then tailored to meet the unique educational, social, and emotional needs of the patient. Identifying problems, needs, and strengths of both the patient and family are integral to producing effective, positive change. From the day of admission, our team works to provide your family member with positive coping skills, an improved outlook and the tools to make a better life. Therapists work to support ongoing family involvement   and guide the family in working with discharge recommendations and community resources.

Conditions Treated:

Major Depression Chronic Mental Disorders Bipolar Disorder Anxiety Disorders
Obsessive Compulsive Disorders Mood Disorders Posttraumatic Disorder Attention Deficit Disorder
Dementia Alzheimer’s Dual Diagnosis Personality Disorders
Stress Forgetfulness Feelings of hopelessness Isolation disorders
Social withdrawal Low self-esteem Excessive worry Anger problems
and other psychiatric disorders

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